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Leaking is common, not normal ladies!

1 in 3 women report urinary incontinence (leaking) at some point in their life. So, it's very common, but it is not normal and we need to start thinking and talking about it differently.

How many times have you had a conversation with a woman along the lines of "don't even think about me jumping on that trampoline", "I literally wet myself laughing", "I always wear a pad when I run". How many times have you thought "ah well, it's because I've had 2 kids, its normal right? I just have to put up with it?" Should we just accept that we leak and laugh about it? Maybe, but, you can change it, you can make a difference.

Many factors can contribute to urinary incontinence a large number of which are modifiable. You can start right now as your're reading this! Evidence shows that pelvic floor exercises can improve stress urinary incontinence. The NICE guidelines published in 2019 currently recommend the following:

  • 8 pelvic floor contractions at least 3 times a day for 3 months

Set a timer on your phone, get into a routine of contracting your pelvic floor while doing something your do every day e.g. brushing your teeth, use an app to remind you (Squeezy), try doing your exercises in different positions (sitting, standing, lying).

Before you start be sure you know what you should be doing (read post of what on earth is the pelvic floor ad what do I do with it?). If you're not sure/convinced you're doing it right get some help, speak to someone who can assess your pelvic floor function and guide you with your exercises programme. Evidence has shown that a 3 month supervised exercise programme has better results! We are trained in assessing your pelvic floor function as well as helping you to identify other factors which may be contributing to your symptoms.

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