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Stability Ball and Stretching Band

Clinical Pilates

General group classes or 1:1 pilates

Yoga Class

Pilates for your Pelvic Floor

Specific class aimed at improving your pelvic floor function.

What is clinical pilates?

Pilates exercises are designed to promote core stability, flexibility, endurance, postural and body awareness and to correct muscle imbalances.  Exercises are combined with breathing control to give true mind-body connection with each movement.  Pilates is suitable for all ages and abilities as exercises can be adjusted in their intensity with the use of body position and pilates equipment. In physio pilates we work with you to identify your specific needs taking into account your medical history and goals to establish a pilates programme for you.

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How can it help you?

Many common musculoskeletal conditions develop due to compensatory movement patterns during functional tasks e.g. walking, standing, rising from a chair. Pilates exercises can help to restore balance by adressing underdeveloped and overdeveloped areas of the body and re educate your body to move more effectively and efficiently.  Pilates when performed effectively and safely can help with injury prevention/recurrence, and rehabilitation of conditions such as the the following:

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Runners knee (ITB syndrome)

  • Hip bursitis

  • Sciatica

  • Piriformis syndrome

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Clinical pilates at Sunnydale Physiotherapy

A 45 minute pre assessment consultation is required before beginning your pilates practice with us.  This is to ensure that the exercises that you perform are right for you and we can work towards your goals.  The initial consultation consists of a discussion around your medical history, an assessment of the basic pilates exercises together with teaching you the essential skill of centring - used in all pilates exercises.  Following the initial consultation, 60 minute 1:1 sessions or classes are available to enable us to guide you through your pilates practice and to continually assess you performing the exercises to ensure the movement and intensity are appropriate for you.

CLASSES (max 10 people) Elim Hub Hall, Braybon Avenue

All classes booked in 6-8 week terms, £10 per class (includes FREE pre assessment consultation). 

Booking essential.








(equipment provided, including mat)

Please contact us to book your pre assessment.


45 minute initial consultation: £30

60 minute 1:1 pilates exercise class (designed for you): £45

(all equipment provided, including mat)

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Pilates for your pelvic floor

Want to focus on improving the function of your pelvic floor?  This is the class for you.  Using the principles of pilates centering, core and pelvic floor connection in combination with your movement and breath this 45 minute class will help you to improve your strength, coordination and overall function of your pelvic floor (to improve symptoms and reduce risk of pelvic floor dysfunction e.g. incontinence, prolapse).  Suitable for all ages/abilities, including during pregnancy and post natal (after 6 weeks).

CLASSES (max 10 people) Elim Hub Hall, Braybon Avenue

All classes booked in 6-8 week terms, £12 per class   

Booking essential (following completion of screening assessment)




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