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Sophie, 38

"Within one treatment from Claire, my back pain improved enormously. Felt like the treatment was very comprehensive and Claire gave me a variety of exercises to do to help myself at home. I felt in very safe, knowledgeable and reassuring hands."

Greta, 81

"I came to Claire for a longstanding back problem.  I was worried about what was going on with my back.  Claire was thorough with her assessment of my problem and was able to provide me with reassurance that there was not anything serious happening and gave me clear advice on what I needed to do.  I would recommend Claire for her professional caring approach."

Jason, runner/cyclist

Claire is always friendly and professional, The consultation I had was thorough and methodical.  I had been experiencing pain in my Achilles for 2 weeks.  Claire Massaged the leg, taped up the ankle and recommended stretches, foam rolling of the calf and ibuprofen.  Just a few days later I'm feeling much better and expect to get back ro running and cycling again soon.

Warren (treated for sciatica)

"Thorough diagnostic tests, etc. Gentle, but strong and understanding.
I'd recommend Claire to anyone."


"I came to Claire with annoying knee pain that stopped me from doing certain types of exercise. Since working with Claire, the strength and stability in my knee has improved dramatically. I’m now able to do the exercises I was avoiding before with no pain, and we’re working on a plan to get me running again. Claire is also a pleasure to work with"


"Claire's course of treatment was extremely thorough. She succeeded in her aim to get me back running through sports massage and exercise advice. She offers a professional and friendly service which is also very good value for money. I would recommend her to anyone."

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